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Adriana Salomão

ADRIANA SALOMÃO was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has a solid
professional experience in tap, jazz and contemporary dance. A graduate in Physical
Education from the Gama Filho University, she has worked as a dancer and choreographer
in numerous television programs, TV commercials, feature film, shows and musical theater
plays. She was a member of the Nós da Dança Company and also at Steven Harper
Company, performing in Europe and USA.

She taught regular jazz and tap classes at the Nós da Dança School, at the CEFTEM and at
the M&B Musical Theater Workshops. She is regularly featured in the main dance festivals
of Brazil as a teacher, artist and/or member of the jury and was part of the Executive
Committee of the Dancers Union of Rio de Janeiro. Adriana also participated extensively in
Rio de Janeiro´s famous carnival parade, working with the creative team of the samba
schools in Rio and São Paulo. Since 2017, she divides her time between Brazil and France.

Bia Mattar

Bruna Miragaia

BRUNA MIRAGAIA is specialized in American tap dancing and children's tap dancing through the “Cartilha do Tap” methodology. She began her studies in 1987, in Ballet, Tap and Jazz at the Cristina Cará Academy and updated them at the "Broadway Dance Center", "Steps On Broadway" and at the Jazz City Tap in NY. In 2013 she founded the COM PASSO Cia de Dança, of which she is general and artistic director, choreographer and teacher. As dancer, she participated in the Youth America Grand Prix. As choreographer, in the TV program "Se Ela Dança Eu Danço", and in the event Janas & Friends. She also choreographed for the UAI Q DANÇA in 2018, for the new OBS Show, and for KS - Cia Kika Sampaio. She currently works as a tap coach in the Experimental Dance of Ubatuba and received awards in dance competitions in Brazil (revelation, best choreographer, best stage concept and best tap dance group). Bruna also received the Kika Sampaio Trophy.

Bruno Maria

Chloe Arnold

CHLOE ARNOLD. Emmy Nominated Choreographer, and International tap star Chloé Arnold was discovered at a young age in Washington, DC by the legendary Debbie Allen. Chloé has performed on stages around the globe and her choreography has been featured in over 50 episodes of The Late Late Show With James Corden, including the hit Crosswalk The Musical, Aladdin with Will Smith, Mena Massoud, and Naomi Scott. Also on hit television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, Good Morning America, HBO's Black Lady Sketch show, and national commercials/print campaigns for Special K, Macy’s,
GAP, Aldo/Refinery 29, and Cantu.
Chloé’s is the Artistic Director & Founder of Syncopated Ladies, an all-female Tap company that are widely known or viral videos that have accumulated over 50 million views. The most successful being their tribute to Prince and their cover of Beyoncé’s Formation, which Beyoncé shared on all of her social media and then hired Chloé and the Syncopated Ladies to perform at her Ivy Park active wear clothing line launch at TopShop, London. Chloé along with her company performed live on ABC's Good Morning America and have had sold-out concerts in Los Angeles, Dubai, New York City and Washington, DC, receiving rave reviews in The New York Times and more.

Denis Morita

Erica Belo

Estefanía Porqueras

Flavia Costa

FLAVIA COSTA is graduated in Dance from the Angel Vianna College (2011) and currently teaches at the Escola Creche Curiosa Idade and Liceu Molière, in Rio de Janeiro. She has vast experience in the field of performing arts, with an emphasis on dance, which enables her to act mainly on topics related to dance, early childhood education, tap dancing and technology. From 2003 to 2012 she worked with the innovative circus carioca company Intrépida Trupe, taking part in events, tours and theatre runs.
She received a grant in 2015, through the Programa de Fomento a Cultura (cultural promotion program) of the City of Rio de Janeiro, for the show "As Quadro texturas", which she directed and performed in, as well as for the education workshop "Affetos Sonoros". In 2017, he began the work in progress Synergia's at the Rio de Janeiro Choreographic Center through the Artistic Residency project. A juror and teacher at the Joinville Dance Festival since 2017, Flavia is one of the founders of the Sonoros Festival, which had its first edition in 2019.

Giuliano Antônio

GIULIANO ANTÔNIO is a professional tap dancer from Araguari, Brazil. A student at Studio A and part of the Adote um Artista project, he came forth at the age of 15 as one of the most promising tap dancers of the new generation in Brazil. Winner of the 2011 Tap in Rio Challenge, in Rio de Janeiro, and of 2015 Best Dancer Award at the Dançaraxá Festival, he has since traveled throughout Brazil, the United States and Argentina teaching and performing as a guest artist.
He currently resides in Washington-DC. In 2018-2019 he was part of Sole Defined, a company blending tap, stepping, percussive dancing and music.
He graduated in Advertising from Esamc Uberlândia College in 2017, and operates in the market providing marketing consultancies and design services for artists, dance festivals and schools. As Director of Giuliano Antônio Marketing C°. he holds successful cases in marketing in his portfolio, both in Brazil and in the United States, such as Tap in Rio, Encontro dos Ritmos, Chloe and Maud Arnold Productions and DC Tap Fest.

Josh Antonio

Juliana Garcia

JULIANA GARCIA is a tap dancer, teacher and choreographer, she has a degree in Pedagogy, Psychology, Masters in Psychology Education and works with tap dance since 1993. During these 25 years she received rewards in different festivals, such as Best Tap Dancer at the Dança Ribeirão contest in 2009, 1 st place in 2006 and 2 nd place in 2007 at the Joinville Dance Festival competition, etc. Juliana performed with the KS Cia. de Sapateado as a dancer and choreographer. In the US she had the opportunity to participate in Tap City, Soul to Sole, Chicago Human Rhythm Project and LA Tap Festival. In 2010 she danced with Chicago Tap Theatre and MADD Rhythms. Nowadays she has been working as a jury member and teacher in the Passo de Arte Competition, Jacareí Dance Festival, Encontro dos Ritmos, Festidança and others events. She also teaches tap in dance schools in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo.

Kim Pereira

KIM PEREIRA began his studies in 1987 in Rio de Janeiro and completed them in the United States at the Percussion Institute of Technology, in Hollywood, CA. He recorded and performed with the artists Angela Rorô, Kelly Key, Rita Beneditto, Sidney Magal, Bebeto, Tony Plato, Leo Maia, Joao Sabia, Toledo Uletaka, Republican Orchestra, Sururu on the Wheel, Farofa Carioca, Zero, Ozomatli, Victor Biglione, Osmar Milito, Sidney Linhares, Marcos Amorim, Chico Batera and Davy Mooney. He also played in the orchestras/bands for the musicals Cabaret Brazil, Broadway in Café, Peep show, Weill Cabaret, Gafieira Statutes, Tim Maia, Jim Morrison, Wilson Simonal, Sambra, Concert Show and Simone Bossa Nova. He has taught at the Cigam and In Cocert and Musiarte music schools. He currently teaches at Maracatu Brasil in Rio de Janeiro. Kim is sponsored by RMV Drums, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, Power Click, Vector, Mr Mix and Luminote.

Leo Dias

Lucas Freitas

Luciana Petsold

LUCIANA PETSOLD is a dancer and tap dancer graduated in Dance from the Tereza Petsold Academy, where she teaches, and a professional from the Dance Union of Rio de Janeiro (SPDRJ). She is a member of jury boards in festivals and for professional auditions of SPDRJ. She was a member of Cia Carioca de Sapateado, directed by Thiago Marcelino and Leonardo Sandoval. She Participated in numerous national and international tap dance festivals and won the Tap in Rio Soloists Challenge in 2013. She was selected and participated in projects such as: Jason Janas and Friends in Curitiba/PR, Encontro dos Ritmos, SP, (with choreographies by Michelle Dorrance), the musical show "Dercy de Verdade", choreographed by Kika Samapio and Caio nunes, among others. She has taught tap dance workshops in major schools or festivals throughout Brazil, and is currently a guest choreographer for the new show of the Orquestra Brasileira de Sapateado, scheduled for 2020.
Luciana is a member and one of the directors/choreographers of Tap New Generation, a group of Brazilian dancers from several states of Brazil. She is also partner/director of the Tereza Petsold Academy in Nova Iguaçu/RJ and member of the artistic commission of SPD-RJ.

Mariana Castro

Marina Carrijo

Maud Arnold

MAUD ARNOLD is a member of Syncopated Ladies and has performed in Los Angeles, NYC, DC and Dubai. Maud has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America and at Essence Fest in New Orleans after their video covering Beyoncé’s Formation, went viral. Beyoncé shared the video on all of her social media and then hired the Syncopated Ladies to perform at her Ivy Park active wear clothing line launch at TopShop, London.
Maud has quickly become a sought after teacher, judge and performer worldwide. Mentored and trained by Debbie Allen, Maud has taught at Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles and Allen’s Dance Institute in Texas. Further to teaching in the USA, Maud has taught tap dancing and Afro-Funk in Dubai, Brazil, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, Croatia, Ukraine and Russia.
Maud’s Television Credits Include: The Late Late Show With James Corden, Syncopated Ladies winning Season 11 of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance: Dance Crew Battle, she also can be seen in national commercials and has worked with Beyoncé on several commercials and music videos.
Maud Arnold is also co-director and producer of the acclaimed DC Tap Festival in Washington.

Munique Mattos

Patrícia Carillo

PATRÍCIA CARILLO is a teacher and choreographer, graduated in physical education by the UniverCidade do Rio de Janeiro. She was recently certified in the third level by the Tap Teacher Training of the American Tap Dancing Foundation in New York, becoming the first Brazilian tap dancer to complete the three levels of this formation. Director and teacher of the Academia do Tap, Patrícia also teaches at the Centro de Estudos e Formação em Teatro Musical (CEFTEM), and she has integrated several companies such as Orquestra Brasileira de Sapateado (OBS), Só de Sapato Produções, Cia Claquetes and Grupo Talhe. She is currently a member of the Tap Dance Artistic Commission of the Union of Dance Professionals of the State of Rio de Janeiro, besides acting as jury and teacher in several tap dance festivals in Brazil.

Patricia Taranto

PATRICIA TARANTO is a tap dancer, teacher, and choreographer, graduated in dance from the Faculdade da Cidade (RJ), with specialization in the School of Dance Education / Performing Arts International-New York University (NY). As a scholarship student at Steps on Broadway (NY), she studied with big names in tap and dance in general. She was part of the Orquestra Brasileira de Sapateado, as a tap dancer/actress, choreographer and teacher. She choreographed the musical "O Passarinho e a Borboleta" and "Meu Amigo Bobby". She was part of the dance cast and choreographed several TV shows from Rede Globo, among them “Gente Inocente”, “Hoje é Dia de Maria”, "TV Xuxa" (2007) and the show “Pé na Cova” (2013). With several choreographic works awarded in dance festivals in Brazil, including 1st place at the Joinville Dance Festival, Patricia direct the La Danse Art & Cia Dance School and teaches tap dance in workshals, notably Tap in Rio (RJ), Encontro dos Ritmos (SJC), Floripa Tap (SC), Copasetic (RJ) and Sonoros (RJ), among others. Currently, she also produces dance events and workshops and is part of the Tap Dance Artistic Commission of the RJ Dance Professionals Union (SPDRJ).

Pedro Paulo Bravo

PEDRO PAULO BRAVO had as mentor eminent personalities of the dance world, such as Adriana Salomão, Brenda Bufalino, Chloe Arnold, Heather Cornell, Sarah Reich, Jason Samuels Smith, Steven Harper, among others.
Bravo performed in important TV programs and festival, like Danzamérica, in Argentina, Festival de Dança de Joinville (winner of the Tap Dance Solo category); Tap City (NY), besides take classes at Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center and at the American Tap Dance Foundation, in the USA.
He teaches in Brazilian dance festivals as Tap in Rio, Encontro dos Ritmos, Tap Day and Sapateia Brasilia. Currently, he created and directs the Copasetic Festival, teaches regular classes at Company Dance Center and Studio Giselle in São Paulo, as well as workshops in Brazil and Latin America.
Pedro was in the cast of the Brazilian versions of the musicals Singing in The Rain and The Producers; performed in the first Brazilian concert of musicals, directed by maestro Marconi Araújo; and, was part of the ensemble in singer Sarah Brightman World Tour “Hymn”, in 2018.

Rafaeli Mattos

Rebeca Pereira

Roberta Moreira

Roxy King

Sarah Santos

Steven Harper

STEVEN HARPER is a tap dancer, teacher, choreographer and producer. An American citizen who grew up in Europe, he lived in Rio de Janeiro for almost 30 years, where he became a major driving force behind the local tap dance scene. He relocated in France recently. His style is the result of his cosmopolite background and of his professional experience in several fields of dance and percussion. He dedicates himself to the advancement of tap dance and the discovery of new horizons for this fascinating art form.
Much in demand internationally, Steven participated in festivals or taught workshops in a dozen countries of four continents. He regularly performs with top musicians and organizes, since 2002, the Tap in Rio festival. His 35+ years career expands from the field of dance into those of music, circus, theater, musical-theatre, film, television and carnival.

Thiago Marcelino

Valéria Sanches