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About Us

TAP IN RIO is a yearly tap dance festival that takes place on the last week of January (summertime in Brazil). Created in January 2002 by Steven Harper and Adriana Salomão, it runs through six days of intensive workshops and master classes of tap, rhythm studies, body percussion, Lindy Hop, improvisation and other themes of interest to tap dancers (samba, Hip Hop, musical perception etc).

The event brings together about 400 tap dancers from the four corners of Brazil, Latin America and, increasingly, from the US and Europe. A faculty of renowned national and international teachers sets the stage for an intense week of studies and exchanges.

The event stimulates the practical, theoretical and historical knowledge of tap dance, technical qualification, creativity and the search for new artistic paths, developing and improving the Brazilian tap dance world in all its variety of styles. A reference among national and international festivals, Tap in Rio expresses the diversity of Brazilian culture and its mission is to set paths for a “Brazil-infused 21st century tap dance” expanding the artistic limits of the art form.

Set in a collaborative and relaxed environment, the event revolves around classes, showcases by students and teachers, a gala evening, the Tap Challenge, a jam session, a cutting contest, urban interventions, panel discussions and movie sessions and other features – which all help to make Tap in Rio the central event in the Brazilian tap dancer’s calendar.

We are waiting for you for this unique experience in our 22th edition of TAP IN RIO.