On our “No-shoes day”, Cine Tap brings the best of audiovisual related to tap dancing and its history.

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Free Admission.


In the form of a round table or lecture, our chat offer a place to discuss important tap dance related issues.

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Free Admission.


For those who enjoy reading, our dance and music related book collection is available for consultation throughout the event. Ask our front desk and take advantage of your free time to increase your knowledge.


The Urban Brigades are groups of tap dancers who invade the streets of Rio de Janeiro, notably Copacabana’s famed promenade, with boards and tap shoes.

The intervention’s dates and times is an initiative of the participants and are not set by Tap in Rio. Get a group together and ask for the tap mats at the front desk.

Shoes on your feet, camera on your hands, hat on the floor, let’s go!

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